Arts Committee

The Arts Committee seeks to engage and build community among APIs at the Claremont Colleges through spoken words, music, film screenings, and other artistic means. We believe that the arts are an important avenue through which storytelling, collective learning, and creative performance can create community among students, staff, and community members.


The Q&A (Queer and A/API) committee seeks to create a safe and supportive space for exploring the intersectionalities between race, gender, and sexuality. Through a series of lunchtime discussions as well as lectures, workshops, and performances, Q&A works to raise awareness of issues that are often neglected at the Claremont Colleges.

SACE (Southeast Asian Community Empowerment)

SACE addresses the underrepresentation of Southeast Asians at the Claremont Colleges, as well as their general invisibility in the  broader community. SACE hosts events on campus to highlight relevant Southeast Asian issues and to celebrate Southeast Asian artists. We also organize trips off campus to explore local communities. Given their unique refugee history and their relationship with the culture of poverty, the Southeast Asian community is an important component of the broader API community.


The UnDoc committee seeks to engage Pomona College and the greater 5C community in questions related to immigration and undocumented students as an issue that is increasingly affecting our campuses. We are both interested in political organizing and providing opportunities for students to share their perspectives and experiences with immigration. This semester, we hosted self-expression workshops to foster dialogue and film screenings about the challenges undocumented students face.


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