Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies

Happy summer from the AARC everyone! As we all rest up and re-energize ourselves for the next academic year, the AARC team would like to take a moment to revisit a collaborative effort done by members of both AAMP and the AARC over the past spring semester—Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies. "Welcome to Breaking Waves, Healing … Continue reading Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies

Interview with Kehaulani Vaughn, Associate Dean and Director of the AARC

A team without a leader is really no team at all. Associate Dean and Director of the AARC, Kehaulani Vaughn, a.k.a. "Kehau," has undoubtedly played a paramount role in maintaining the AARC amidst the chaotic institutional and political transitions that took place (and continue to do so) throughout this year. Besides her leadership role at the AARC, … Continue reading Interview with Kehaulani Vaughn, Associate Dean and Director of the AARC

“Why do we need race-based mentoring programs?”

This is adapted from a short speech I gave at AAMP’s 25th birthday party last semester. In honor of AAMP’s 25th birthday and for an audience of AAMP mentors, mentees, and friends, I wanted to briefly talk about is the question “Why we do need race-based mentoring programs?” I’m not an authority figure on the … Continue reading “Why do we need race-based mentoring programs?”

Out of Place

In my first year second semester in college, I took an Asian American studies class called Social Documentation for my general education requirements. The class taught me how often media neglects minority representation and how documenting minority narratives can be big step toward social activism. For the final project, everyone in the class needed to … Continue reading Out of Place


Link to Zine: For my sophomore Asian American studies course, Asian American Women’s experience, our final project was a creative project tackling any topic we had covered in class. I decided to make an online zine titled Angry Gurlz. In my adolescence and teenage years, I spent hours pouring over magazines such as Teen Vogue … Continue reading ANGRY GURLZ – A Zine

Video – Summer in the Philippines

I wanted to share a video I made, recounting my experience in the Philippines this past summer. On one hand, it was a grand homecoming; it was the first time I came back since I emigrated in 2006. On the other, the 5 weeks that I was there was more than I had travelled in … Continue reading Video – Summer in the Philippines

An Interview with Mr. Brian Kito of Fugetsu-Do

In the spring of 2012, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Brian Kito, the owner of Fugetsu-Do, a Japanese confectionery and the oldest surviving business in Los Angeles's Little Tokyo. Fugetsu-Do was founded in 1903 by Brian's grandfather Seiichi Kito, who had immigrated from Japan in that year and decided to open a Japanese … Continue reading An Interview with Mr. Brian Kito of Fugetsu-Do

A Conversation with Professor Hiroshi Motomura

Hiroshi Motomura is a nationally renowned scholar and immigration and citizenship law. Author of Americans in Waiting: The Lost Story of Immigration and Citizenship in the United States (2006), and co-author of two immigration-related case books: Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy (Seventh Edition 2012), and Forced Migration: Law and Policy (2007), Motomura has won awards for his books and scholarship. He … Continue reading A Conversation with Professor Hiroshi Motomura