Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies

Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies.png

Happy summer from the AARC everyone! As we all rest up and re-energize ourselves for the next academic year, the AARC team would like to take a moment to revisit a collaborative effort done by members of both AAMP and the AARC over the past spring semester—Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies.

“Welcome to Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies, a zine by queer and trans Asian/Americans in the diaspora. In this zine, we highlight LGBTQIA+ Asian/American voices and the complexities of gender and sexuality from a non-Western lens. We created this zine in order to carve a space for resistance in the context of a eurocentric, western-dominated mainstream culture that often silences the narratives of communities of color. We chose this title to allude to the symbolic nature of healing associated with oceans and water, as well as how our physical bodies are bound up with our identities. Ultimately, Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies is meant to empower, inform, and serve as a vehicle for healing through creative writing, opinion pieces, visual art, and other forms of expression.”


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