Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies

Happy summer from the AARC everyone! As we all rest up and re-energize ourselves for the next academic year, the AARC team would like to take a moment to revisit a collaborative effort done by members of both AAMP and the AARC over the past spring semester—Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies. "Welcome to Breaking Waves, Healing … Continue reading Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies

AARC Intern Statement, April 2018

Dear Community, We, the interns of the Asian American Resource Center (AARC), would like to discuss the vital role that our leadership, Dr. Kēhaulani Vaughn, ‘Asena Taione-Filihia, and Sarah Lynn Miralles, play in sustaining marginalized communities within and beyond these institutions. This team oversees and advises countless events programmed by AARC Interns to serve 5C … Continue reading AARC Intern Statement, April 2018

“Why do we need race-based mentoring programs?”

This is adapted from a short speech I gave at AAMP’s 25th birthday party last semester. In honor of AAMP’s 25th birthday and for an audience of AAMP mentors, mentees, and friends, I wanted to briefly talk about is the question “Why we do need race-based mentoring programs?” I’m not an authority figure on the … Continue reading “Why do we need race-based mentoring programs?”

A Talk By Tim Wise: Some Reactions and Musings

I must confess that I was not familiar with Tim Wise and his work before tonight's talk, so this post will be limited to addressing parts of his speech and my reactions to them. He opened his talk with a bold statement: If white people don't engage race because they're afraid that they'll say something … Continue reading A Talk By Tim Wise: Some Reactions and Musings

Excerpt from “Asian Women in Sweatshops”

This is an edited excerpt from Catherine Wang's paper entitled "Asian Women in Sweatshops." Asian women sweatshop workers’ migration to the United States is not purely financial but also a result of United States’ imperialism in Asia. United States policymakers and public tend to think that immigrants come to the United States because of poverty, … Continue reading Excerpt from “Asian Women in Sweatshops”

Contextualizing Jose Antonio Vargas

This is an edited excerpt from Esther Ha's paper entitled "Undocumented Korean Americans: In Search of a Better Future through the Past and Present." It was not until recently that Asian Americans became comfortable sharing their experiences of being undocumented immigrants. Jose Antonio Vargas is a Filipino immigrant who found out the naturalization papers his … Continue reading Contextualizing Jose Antonio Vargas

Artist Profile: Anida Yoeu Ali

Anida Yoeu Ali is a first generation Muslim Khmer artist/activist from Chicago whose work confronts the violence faced by API people in the United States, linking the experiences of diverse groups together in coalition building. Her short film 1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim, a collaboration with filmmaker Masahiro Sugano, connects the oppression faced by Japanese Americans in … Continue reading Artist Profile: Anida Yoeu Ali

ASAM22: Asian American Wellness Class

Last week on November 28th, 2012, the Asian American Wellness class had their class culmination event at Pitzer College. Students worked together to create an event showcasing their writings, creation of an Asian American mental wellness PSA, and blog (see both below!), which include resources for wellness. In addition, the night involved an open mic … Continue reading ASAM22: Asian American Wellness Class

API Responses to the 2012 Election

After the flurry of the election, we asked API students at the Claremont Colleges what they thought about the results. Here are some of their thoughts. Nikki Chang: “I’m always shocked at how different California is from Texas, because after the results came out, many of my high school classmates said things like “I’m sorry … Continue reading API Responses to the 2012 Election