Pacific Islander Empowerment (PIE)

The committee will center Pacific Islander voices and narratives on campus. We aim to make space for Asian Pacific Islanders under the aggregated term AAPI. We want to take action and raise community awareness of the impact of settler colonialism in and outside of the classroom through advocacy for Native/Indigenous studies and solidarity with Indigenous and Pacific Islander communities as well as affinity groups (IPMP). Our committee aims to subvert academic spaces that do not prioritize Indigenous communities by organizing events that center PIs, Indigenous epistemologies, and our positionality within settler colonialism as 5C students.

Committee for South Asian Voices (CSAV)

The committees for South Asian voices strives to cultivate space and community for students from Indo-Caribbean, Punjabi, Sikh, Lankan, Pakistani, Indian, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Afghan, Bhutanese, Maldivian, Tibetan, Kashmiri, mixed ethnicity/race, and all self-identified South Asian backgrounds. Our goals are to advocate for South Asians on campus and beyond, foster appreciation for South Asian cultures, highlight invisibilized narratives, and fight against systems of violence affecting South Asians.

Re-Imagining Social Expectations (RISE)

RISE (Re-Imagining Social Expectations) committee is dedicated to centering the voices of queer and trans APIDA, working towards dismantling cisheteropatriarchy, uplifting the voices of APIDA womxn and supporting survivors of sexual violence. Through the means of storytelling and the cultivation of community, RISE aims to deconstruct the societal expectations of the traditional family by highlighting marginalized experiences.

Southeast Asian Committee (SEACOM)

SEACOM strives to center the experiences, cultures, and histories of Southeast Asian (American) identifying students and communities. We hope to create inclusive spaces that promote community dialogue and exploration of diasporic identities. This includes addressing a lack of representation of Southeast Asian students within the 5Cs, providing outreach and education to increase awareness of Southeast Asian issues, and building a community among 5C Southeast Asians.


We established the FLIGHT committee to provide an outlet for students who are seeking a space for intersectional first-generation, low income and APIDA voices. Our goal is to shed a ~light~ on the stories and experiences of FLI-identifying individuals through community building and collective healing. By hosting informational workshops, discussions, and collaborative creative projects with other organizations on campus, we hope to uplift and affirm the experiences of those at the 5C’s who find themselves at the intersection of the FLI & APIDA identities.