5 Reasons

aarcopenhouse5 reasons why I don’t want to leave the AARC:

  1. Sefa and Karin! Two people I’ll always be glad to see.
  2. Disposable income (kind of). Don’t need no good for nothing type of brother.
  3. Friends. Y’all are such beautiful people.
  4. Food. What a blessing to have such abundance of free food and awesome foodies. 
  5. Safe space. [insert heartfelt and perhaps a tad cheesy story of how AARC changed my college life and how I’ll take it with me past college]

5 reasons why the real world scares me:

  1. The people. Microaggression, I can forgive. But there are some pretty blatantly ignorant people out there and it frustrates me to no end.
  2. Jobs. A recruiter told me “as much as it seems like a good cause”, I should downplay my AARC position because it won’t necessarily help my career.  I talk about AARC in all my interviews.
  3. New friends. Making friends sounds really difficult in the real world.
  4. Food. What is cooking? What is stove? Grocery shopping=chocolate.
  5. _______ space. [insert uncertainty. Where am I going again?]

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