Q&A’s Queer People of Color Social

The first Q&A event of the year continued a tradition begun the previous year: the QPOC social! As a
collaboration between the Q&A committee at the AARC and the QPOC group at the QRC, the social
sought to bring together QPOC-identified students and their allies, creating a space that would facilitate
building friendships and community. Catered by delicious Thai food from Sanam Luang Cafe and hosted
by both Q&A and QPOC members, the QPOC social drew over forty people to a night of food, fun, and

Held on Saturday, October 6, the social began with a round of icebreakers, aiming to get people talking
and the energy flowing with rousing competitions in telephone charades and naming songs. By the
end of the evening, the friendly competition gave way to chatter and board games. Overall, the QPOC
Social proved not only fun but also productive, as people forged new connections among fellow QPOC-
identified students at the 5Cs.

The Q&A committee hopes to build on this promising start by organizing more events throughout the
semester focused on the intersection of queer and Asian concerns, hopefully drawing the same kinds of
students hungry for campus programming that addresses their interests and identities.


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