Together We Rise

Together We Rise Rise Up is an 8-year-old program started at the Asian American Resource Center specifically for the goal of educating high school students through the union of arts and activism. By partnering with the Chinatown-based Southeast Asian Community Alliance, we can target low-income students of color in the LA Unified School District and … Continue reading Together We Rise

Check Out “Our Sound”!

Check Out "Our Sound"! Check out and thumbs up Our Sound Magazine. Our Sound is a literary magazine that seeks to serve as a platform for marginalized communities at Scripps College to voice their experiences, opinions, and ideas. Their first issue will be out in December, 2013 (not too far away!), and will be about … Continue reading Check Out “Our Sound”!

Demand the FBI to track hate crimes against Sikhs

Startling fact from the Sikh Coalition: there have been 8 attacks on mosques or gurdwaras in the last 11 days. Please sign the petition asking that the FBI track hate crimes against Sikhs.