Aaron Yang

Claremont McKenna College, 2017
Major/Minor: International Relations
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona
Hobbies/Interests: Boba, Making Boba, Rock Climbing, Video Games
AARC Committees: Production, Desi Table
Favorite Childhood Snack: Microwaved frozen vegetables



Andrea Mackey

Scripps College Year, 2017
Major/Minor: Neuroscience
Hometown: Sherman Oaks
Hobbies/Interests: Scuba Diving, Reading, Quidditch, Swimming, Soccer, Drawing, Painting AARC Committees: Southeast Asian Committee, STEP
Favorite childhood snack/food: Froot Loops, Lola’s banana bread, ice cream
Favorite quotes: “Truth is like surgery: it may hurt, but it cures.” / “I am not a raccoon.”
Superpower: I always wanted the ability to fly(especially when running the mile in middle school). Nowadays, I hate sitting in traffic so it would be really convenient.


Catalina Huang
Claremont Mckenna College, 2017
Major/Minor: Government with a CS sequence
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Hobbies/Interests: spoken word, knitting, cooking, makeup, dogs, cartoons
AARC Committees: SmashBros and ACCESS
Favorite Quotes: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audre Lorde /
“If you get everything you want the minute you want it, then what’s the point of living?” – Jake from Adventure Time

Esther Cheung
Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: Sociology Major, Asian American Studies Minor
Hometown: South San Francisco / Millbrae, CA
Hobbies/Interests: Poetry, Music, Watching TV
AARC Committees: Desi Table and STEP
Favorite Quote: “i fell apart many times. / so. / what does that say about me / besides / i live through / wars.” – nayyirah waheed

Heidi Yuan
Pomona College, 2018
Major: Molecular Biology
Hometown: Burlingame, CA
Hobbies/Interests: Kdramas, music, shopping, running, singing, dancing
AARC Committees: REACH, Production
Favorite Quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Justin Joseph

Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: Psychology
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Hobbies/Interests: dancing, volleyball, painting wine bottles, anime, having long conversations
AARC Committees: Desi Table & STEP
Superpower: Telekinesis

Kathie Tang

Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Asian American Studies
Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
Hobbies/Interests: dogs, soup, hikes, museums, water fun, views
Favorite Childhood Snack: Frozen Yakult drink/YangLeDuo


Kaylilani Minami
Claremont McKenna College, 2017
Major/Minor: International Relations with a sequence in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Cerritos, California
Hobbies/Interests: going to the beach, eating food, & spending time with friends
AARC Committees: Indigenous Pacific Islander Committee and STEP
If you had a superpower what would it be: to grant wishes at my own discretion

Kepa Barrett
Pitzer College, 2017
Major/Minor: Environmental Policy/Economics
Hometown: Mililani, HI 
Hobbies/Interests: Surfing, Singing, Smiling, Dancing, Reading, telling stories, sharing meals, and laughing at all of Life’s ridiculous moments!
AARC Committees: IPI, STEP, & X committee
Favorite Childhood Snack/Food: Rice & Ketchup!
Favorite Quote: “Ma ka hana ka ʻike”- In doing, One learns.
If you had a superpower what would it be: the ability to learn and speak any language!

Kian Vesteinsson

Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: Politics & Religious Studies
Hometown: Seattle
Hobbies/Interests: Books, cooking!!, my cats, other cats, dogs, cool plants
AARC Committees: AAMP Head Mentor, REACH
Favorite Childhood Snack/Food: FRIED OKRA

Nahlee Lin

Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: Sociology
Hometown: Walnut/Chino, California
Hobbies/Interests: napping, eating non-Western foods, Ethnic Studies, dismantling cisheteropatriarchy, (re)learning family and Taiwanese hxstory
AARC Committees: STEP Committee, Indigenous & Pacific Islander Committee
Favorite Quote: “It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support one another. We have nothing to lose but our chains.” – Assata Shakur

Quinn Sheehy 

Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: International Relations, Minor Chinese
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
Hobbies/Interests: Myers Briggs personality test, doing spa face masks, eating eggs, eggplant, rice, chocolate, spinach, AARC
Committees: AAMP Head Mentor, SEACOM
Favorite Childhood Snack/Food: chocolate milk

Rhian Moore

Pomona College, 2018
Major/Minor: Music Major, Biology Minor
Hometown: South Pasadena, CA
Hobbies/Interests: Piano, violin, graphic design, creative writing, ethnomusicology
Favorite Childhood Snack/Food: Lychee jelly

Sagarika Gami 
Pomona College, 2018
Major: Gender & Women’s Studies
Hometown: Born in Baroda, India
Hobbies/Interests: Writing, eating takis, working on my ‘badass brown womyn’ spotify playlist (hmu with suggestions)
Favourite childhood snack/food: paratha & ghee

Sana Khan

Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: History major, English minor
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Hobbies/Interests: South Asian history, diaspora lit, arts access,the ocean, sunrises
AARC Committees: Desi Table, Production
Favorite food: Hyderabadi biryani with mirchi ka salan

Sujay Singh 

Pitzer College, 2019
Major/Minor: Neuroscience major, Asian American Studies minor
Hometown: San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA
Hobbies/Interests: South Asian Music, Table Tennis, Netflix, South Asian inequity narratives, brownies
AARC Committees: Desi Table, STEP
Favorite Food: Hyderabadi Biryani, Sattu Paratha, and Gnocchi

Teofanny Saragi
Pomona College, 2018
Major/Minor: Majors: Public Policy Analysis – Sociology, Asian American Studies
Hometown: Southern California
Hobbies/Interests: video production, photography, music, recreational sports, plushies, fluffy dogs, education access + equity, community engagement, social justice
AARC Committees: ACCESS and REACH
Favorite Quotes: “We are the leaders we’ve been looking for.” -Grace Lee Boggs / “There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” -Audre Lorde

Vy Doan

Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: Public Policy Analysis – Psychology
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Hobbies/Interests: baking, food, Studio Ghibli films, crafting
AARC Committees: SEACOM, Desi Table
Favorite Childhood Snack/Food: Pocky

Yenny Zhang
Pomona College, 2017
Major/Minor: Mathematics, intended minor in Computer Science
Hobbies/Interests: I like memes and satire and traveling
AARC Committees: AAMP Head Mentor, Smashbros
Favorite Snack: Hershey’s Cookies n Cream bar

Zichen Liu
Pomona College, 2018
Major/: Chemistry
Hometown: San Ramon
Hobbies/Interests: Doing badly at competitive video game tournaments, playing the violin squeakily, not finishing creative writing projects, and lucid dreaming my way out of spooky nightmares!
AARC Committees: Dismantling Cisheteropatriarchy aka “Smash Bros” and REACH
If you had a superpower what would it be: Rewinding or stopping time because I’m always late