When I first moved to California from Taiwan…

  • I’ve never smelled skunk before. I thought it was some kind of rotten greasy Chinese food.
  • I spoke Chinese at school to an Asian girl who did not understand me. We became good friends later.
  • I began fastening my seatbelt. I used to never do that in Taiwan. Nobody did.
  • I’ve never seen stop signs. It was dizzying when we drove in residential areas & had to come to a stop every 100 feet.
  • It was weird to see lawns in front of houses & grassy areas in public.
  • People walking their dogs picked up the poop… what!?
  • There are no stray dogs or cats?!
  • I pretended I know the words to the anthem whenever they sang it before football games.
  • The first football game I saw as also the one I cheered at… as a cheerleader…
  • Yeah I was a cheerleader in high school. I decided orchestra was more fun & quit cheering after a year.

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