The Ability Committee has put out a resource sheet about AAPI mental health issues. Educate yourself! Check out the AARC mental health resource sheet referenced in this post.


Here is an article from The Guardian that discusses two twins of mixed race: “Black and White Twins”

Mixed Race People and the Language of Fractions from Racialicious.com.

I Should Hit ‘Post’ Before I Delete It All Again is a livejournal post by a mixed race Indonesian-Dutch woman struggling with her passing privilege and coming to terms with her non-white identity.

The article On “Hapa” discusses the history of multiracial political organizing, the adoption of the term “hapa” as a name of empowerment for mixed race peoples, and how in contemporary times, this term is no longer useful and simply exemplifies a tradition of cultural appropriation. You could call it moving beyond “hapa.”


I Enjoy Being a Girl is a short article about an all-Asian drag queen troupe the Rice Rockettes who generally see drag as a way to entertain, raise funds, and give back to the queer community.

AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) is a national organization that aims to create public acceptance and discussion of asexuality and facilitate the growth of an asexual community. They were mentioned in this HYPE post about Asexuality Resources as a follow up to our ASEXUALITY in focus event.

Strange love, or how I learned to stop worrying and love my asexuality is a livejournal article by a self-identified straight, asexual, Asian American woman.


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