Dreams with STEP Elementary Kids

At the Saturday Tongan Education Program (STEP), we seek to instill an aspiration for higher education in elementary students at an early age. During one session we started with an ice breaker where everyone drew their favorite toy, food, person and animal to present to the group. In the second half of the workshop we … Continue reading Dreams with STEP Elementary Kids

Choice, Chance, and Change

Below is a speech written and delivered by Si'i Lynn to the Saturday Tongan Education Program (STEP) community this past Saturday. Her perspectives of struggle and success, through the lens of a Polynesian-American middle school girl, are both humbling and inspiring. Through this speech, she shares her own story in a way that all of … Continue reading Choice, Chance, and Change

Another awesome day at STEP

Last week we switched things up for our morning energizer - none of those silly name games!! (Just kidding, I actually really need those games - names are really hard!) Last week we played...TELEPHONE PICTIONARY!  For those of you who don't know Telephone Pictionary is an awesome game where you and your friends sit in … Continue reading Another awesome day at STEP

Let STEP Begin!

Last week, the STEP committee met with a few tutors from last semester to evaluate the program. They all gave great feedback,  and they were excited about starting up the program again this semester! On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the committee held a New Tutor Information Session in the AARC to give interested tutors an overview … Continue reading Let STEP Begin!