Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies

Happy summer from the AARC everyone! As we all rest up and re-energize ourselves for the next academic year, the AARC team would like to take a moment to revisit a collaborative effort done by members of both AAMP and the AARC over the past spring semester—Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies. "Welcome to Breaking Waves, Healing … Continue reading Breaking Waves, Healing Bodies

AARC Intern Statement, April 2018

Dear Community, We, the interns of the Asian American Resource Center (AARC), would like to discuss the vital role that our leadership, Dr. Kēhaulani Vaughn, ‘Asena Taione-Filihia, and Sarah Lynn Miralles, play in sustaining marginalized communities within and beyond these institutions. This team oversees and advises countless events programmed by AARC Interns to serve 5C … Continue reading AARC Intern Statement, April 2018

The Story of CSAV

By Sahana Mehta At this moment in the history of South Asians in the United States, we cannot afford to be complicit, and we must mobilize in solidarity with other marginalized communities. As the recent detainment of immigrant rights activist leader Ravi Ragbir demonstrates, those who stand up against injustice in our communities are the … Continue reading The Story of CSAV

CreAARCtivity Series #3: Monologue – Why Medicine?

Monologue: Why Medicine?  by Heidi Yuan Context: An unfiltered and raw version of what I would say to a medical school admissions officer in response to "Why do you want to study medicine?" So…why do I want to study medicine, you ask? Well, why NOT medicine? You think I want to sit through another four agonizing years … Continue reading CreAARCtivity Series #3: Monologue – Why Medicine?

What’s in a Name #2: Peter Te-young Cha 차태영

I was born as Peter Te-young Cha on August 19, 1997 in Los Angeles, CA. I was named Peter because I have an older brother named Andrew, and Peter and Andrew were brothers in the Bible. It’s no surprise that I have a Christian first name. My dad and his side of the family first … Continue reading What’s in a Name #2: Peter Te-young Cha 차태영

CreAARCtivity Series #1: Ethan and the Fragility of Potted Plants

Ethan and the Fragility of Potted Plants by Zichen Liu    Preface Half satire, half non-fiction.  This trio of short vignettes is just my way of telling my story of growth and growing.  Character actions and thoughts are not necessarily condoned by me.  Content warnings: swearing, self-harm, homophobia, racism.   1. Tomato (Ethan) With my … Continue reading CreAARCtivity Series #1: Ethan and the Fragility of Potted Plants

What’s In A Name #1: 宋瑞佳

For a lot of immigrant families, names are a lot more than the way we like to be addressed. A lot of us also have multiple names - one in our native tongue, and one that is Anglicized. My Chinese name, 瑞佳 (rui jia), literally means “lucky” and “good.” My last name, 宋 (song), simply … Continue reading What’s In A Name #1: 宋瑞佳