Advancing Class Consciousness and Exploring Social Structures (ACCESS)

The ACCESS committee stands for Advancing Class Consciousness and Exploring Social Structures. Among the goals of ACCESS are to raise class consciousness of the AAPI community in relation to other aspects of identity, as well as to support initiatives of solidarity among various marginalized groups including the undocumented community and other affinity groups of color.

Committee for South Asian Voices (CSAV)

CSAV aims to increase awareness of different issues the South Asian community faces. The committee works with the South Asian Mentor Program (SAMP) to create programming to bring South Asian speakers to campus and facilitate student-led discussions on different challenges students at the 5Cs face.

Re-Imagining Social Expectations (RISE)

The RISE Committee was formed in order to center the voices of queer and trans AAPIs, work toward dismantling cisheteropatriarchy, uplift the voices of AAPI womxn, and support survivors of sexual violence.

Southeast Asian Committee (SEACOM)

SEACOM seeks to explore issues, experiences, and narratives of Southeast Asian (American) students and communities. This includes addressing lack of representation among Southeast Asian students in the 5C campus, providing outreach and education to increase awareness of Southeast Asian issues, and building a student community among 5C Southeast Asians.

Solidarity and Organizing Committee (SOC)

SOC aims to build relationships between the Asian American Resource Center and other affinity groups and organizations on campus through joint programming. The committee focuses on coalition building and mobilizing the AAPI community and beyond to bring presence to campus organizing.