Mixed Heritage Committee

The Mixed Heritage Committee seeks to provide a space for people of mixed heritage (mixed race, mixed ethnicity, transnational/transracial adoptees, third culture kids) and broaden perceptions of Asian American identity to create an inclusive and supportive community. We will work to challenge normative, essentializing perspectives on race and develop strategies of resistance, drawing on multiple, intersecting identities and experiences.

Southeast Asian Committee (SEACom)

SEACom seeks to explore issues, experiences, and narratives of Southeast Asian (American) students and communities. This includes addressing lack of representation among Southeast Asian students in the 5C campus, providing outreach and education to increase awareness of Southeast Asian issues, and building a student community among 5C Southeast Asians.

Asian American Athletes

The Asian American Athletes committee offers a safe space to all API/A athletes on campus to explore and challenge different intersectionalities of their identities. Through different events and discussions we will examine such issues as the importance of representation in the media and strategies to combat microaggression.We will work to create an inclusive and supportive community where individuals will feel comfortable to share and analyze personal and shared experiences, and feel empowered in who they are.


The Arts Committee hopes to bridge the greater Claremont Colleges community with the Asian American Resource Center through arts inspired and empowered by the API community. By taking a critical look at arts normally overlooked by the mainstream, the committee looks to engage those who would not normally attend or be interested in AARC events, as well as motivate those who are already involved members.



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