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The Q&A (Queer and Asian/Pacific Islander) committee aims to fulfill two main goals. First, we strive to create safe and supportive spaces for queer, trans, and questioning API students at the Claremont Colleges. Second, we work to raise awareness around issues that sit at the intersection between race, gender, and sexuality by organizing events that we hope will stimulate discussion and inspire action.

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Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP)

The Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP) is a student-run organization that fosters community among self identified Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, multiethnic, and multiracial (API/A) students. AAMP supports and provides resources for members and allies of the API/A community while raising awareness of API/A issues. As mentors, we encourage students to explore the intersections of the many facets of their identities as well as the diversity of the API/A experience. Lastly, we aspire for more collaboration with the greater Pomona College, 5C, and API/A communities and organizations.

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South Asian Committee

The South Asian Committee seeks to bridge the gap between South Asian and East/Southeast Asian communities on campus through relevant programming. Our goal is for all students identifying as any subset of ‘Asian’ to feel as though they have a space and a support community through the AARC.

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Arts Committee

The Arts Committee hopes to bridge the greater Claremont Colleges community with the Asian American Resource Center through arts inspired and empowered by the API community. By taking a critical look at arts normally overlooked by the mainstream, the committee looks to engage those who would not normally attend or be interested in AARC events, as well as motivate those who are already involved members.

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South East Asian (SEACOM)

SEACOM seeks to put on programming specific to the needs of South East Asian students on campus. SEACOM has collaborated with the newly founded Vietnamese Student Association and other 5C Asian American mentoring programs. Past events have included a Filipin@ History Month celebration and mural painting, movie screenings and a fundraiser for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

Food Politics

This committee seeks use questions about food politics as a lens to understand the issues of the Asian America experience by holding discussions, screenings and field trips.


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