Q & A

The Q&A (Queer and Asian/Pacific Islander) committee aims to fulfill two main goals.  First, we strive to create safe and supportive spaces for queer, trans, and questioning API students at the Claremont Colleges. Second, we work to raise awareness around issues that sit at the intersection between race, gender, and sexuality by organizing events that we hope will engender discussion and inspire action.

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Claiming Borders

The Claiming Borders Committee seeks to raise awareness about immigration policies that marginalize people of color. By promoting understanding and tolerance, we hope to facilitate productive and peaceful dialogue concerning the adversity of immigrants, focusing on but not limiting ourselves to Asian Americans. This committee seeks to analyze and recognize the transnational experience of individuals within an increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

Ability Committee

The Ability Committee strives to raise awareness about physical and mental health issues affecting the API community and all other people of color, as well as to provide a safe space for open discussion about these issues. We want to take an intersectional approach, highlighting how group membership affects people’s experiences in these struggles.

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Multiracial Committee

The Multiracial Committee seeks to provide a space of support and exploration for multiracial-identified people. We hope to create a site of critical thinking surrounding multiraciality and build a community through art, discussion, speakers, and critical self-expression/personal exercises. We will work to challenge normative, essentializing perspectives on race and develop strategies of resistance, drawing on multiple, intersecting identities and experiences.

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Arts Committee

The Arts Committee hopes to bridge the greater Claremont Colleges community  with the Asian American Resource Center through arts inspired and empowered by the API community.  By taking a critical look at arts normally overlooked by the mainstream, the committee looks to engage those who would not normally attend or be interested in AARC events, as well as motivate those who are already involved members.


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