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Rise Up

The Rise Up! Committee builds off-campus relationships with the youth of L.A. Chinatown, aiming to develop a critical consciousness by introducing them to identity politics and issues of social justice. Rise Up! , an after-school program conducted in partnership with the Southeast Asian Community Alliance (SEACA), utilizes interactive art projects and workshops to empower the students and reconnect them to their personal histories.

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The Saturday Tongan Education Program (STEP) aims to reach out to individuals in the Inland Empire Tongan community who seek academic assistance. The program not only tutors students for classes and standardized tests, but provides resources that allow for an exploration of personal identity while also helping the students work toward their future aspirations.

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Pomona High School

The Pomona High Committee seeks to reach out to Pomona High students and to begin fostering a relationship with the local community. Through a critical theory lens, we hope to redefine their concept of an “Asian Club.” This committee strives to empower the students to look at Asian American issues through a critical lens. Using a shared leadership model, we also hope to guide the group toward critically studying Asian American history and link that to their interests.

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