Going Green the Wong Way

Kristina Wong performed GOING GREEN THE WONG WAY on Tuesday, 2 October. The performance was a theatrical show about the culture and challenges of pursuing green living in Los Angeles. Through her incisive use of humor, Wong recounted the adventures of her life-long attempt at sustainable living and the challenges & triumphs of being eco-friendly.

There was positive feedback to the performance from the audience, who found the experience both humourous and informative. “I liked that Kristina didn’t just talk about environmental issues; she talked about the intersection between  environmental issues and race and class,” commented Katie Wang, a Scripps student and intern at the AARC. “For example, she criticised the Los Angeles rail and bus system, which is inconvenient for working class folks in the LA area.”

We look forward to more events sponsored by the Arts committee, which invited Kristina Wong, that tackle issues pertinent to the Asian American community.



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