Igniting the Revolution Within: A Sex Positive Approach to Healing

Join us on Wednesday, 4/25 for a workshop with Pati Garcia!


RSVP to the Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/411546785531863

Abstract: Living in authoritative societies creates a disassociation from our sexual bodies. In this workshop, somatic sex educator Pati Garcia will educate and empower you to connect to your body and your sexuality, which has the potential to improve all aspects of your life. Garcia will demystify “female” genital anatomy, explain the different types of orgasms, and guide you in creating your own orgasmic yoga practice.

Description: We will review anatomy from a feminist perspective, demystifying genitalia, approaching it from an empowering way that doesn’ t narrowly bind gender to genitalia, we will connect sexuality to spirituality with a celebration of queer pleasure. Participants will learn somatic exercises (anal breathing) that help awaken the pelvic floor, thus dispelling sexual shame, promoting physical health and decolonization of the body. Participants will also be taught a traditional Cherokee practice called Heart Pleasuring, to aid in creating a genital-heart connection, designed to remove negative programming. The breathing exercises are methods of using the body as a resource, tools to ground oneself and cultivate self-love, useful in combating internalized homophobia. This is relevant to the conference in that QPOC participants will be given an opportunity to incorporate radical and revolutionary rhetoric with an indigenous sexual practice; ultimately connecting the mind with body and spirit, igniting change on a cellular level.


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