Another awesome day at STEP

Last week we switched things up for our morning energizer – none of those silly name games!! (Just kidding, I actually really need those games – names are really hard!) Last week we played…TELEPHONE PICTIONARY!  For those of you who don’t know Telephone Pictionary is an awesome game where you and your friends sit in a circle, each with a piece of paper and a pencil.  Each person writes a sentence at the top of the page and passes it to the right.  Your friend on the right will then illustrate your picture, fold down the paper so that the sentence is no longer visible, and then pass the paper to the person on their right.  That person will then write a sentence describing the picture drawn.  Everyone passes their piece of paper around in this fashion, and at the end, you can see the evolution/de-evolution of your initial sentence!  It’s hilarious!  Check out the finished products below.  Hope you like them as much as the tutors and students did!

As usual, this week STEP starts at 10:00 am in Hahn on Pomona’s campus.  We hope you see you there!

-Kori, STEP Coordinator

A lovely contribution by Senga, Junior, and Lia!
The older students got a little existential.
Yeah, take that, Rick!
Yes, that is exactly what Mikey looks like. 😛

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