Let STEP Begin!


Last week, the STEP committee met with a few tutors from last semester to evaluate the program. They all gave great feedback,  and they were excited about starting up the program again this semester! On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the committee held a New Tutor Information Session in the AARC to give interested tutors an overview of the program.

STEP just had its first session of 2012 today, and it was a blast! Although we did not have great attendance from the Tongan students, we had an amazing turnout from the tutors! We started off the morning by playing some icebreakers and then sharing what we each hoped to achieve in STEP this semester. The students and the tutors then broke into their assigned age groups and began tutoring. The elementary school group worked on some math problems; the middle/high school group set some goals for the future and worked on some homework; and the college+ group worked on getting feedback from the Tongan students and setting concrete goals for this semester. Around noon, we all walked to Frary and ate brunch together.

Overall, it was a great day. Thank you to all of the tutors who showed up! We are expecting many more students to be at STEP next week, so please join us if you are interested!


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