Transnationalism, Family, & Queerness

Last Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 the Claiming Borders Committee and Q&A held a lunch time event with CGU Cultural Studies Professor Eve Oishi. She screened two short films and lead a discussion on issues of transnational travel, family, queerness, desire, memory, and identity.

The two films she screened were:

“Mother/Country” (2003 UK/Iran), Director Tina Gharavi
UK based filmmaker Gharavi returns to her home country of Iran to find out why her mother chose to send her out of the country as a child. As viewers we are witnesses to the difficult reunion that brings up questions of history and family secrets.

“Pirated!” (2000 USA), Director, Nguyen Tan Hoang
As a small child, filmmaker Nguyen Tan Hoang was part of a wave of refugees fleeing Vietnam by boat. This imaginative, racy, and poignant video reimagines the trip, including being attacked by pirates, from the adult perspective of a queer US artist.

For an event that occurred just before Thanksgiving break, we have a great turnout! Thanks for coming everyone!


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